Friday, September 29, 2017

I told myself I wasn't going to say anything about Hugh Hefner's death.

I told myself I wasn't going to say anything about Hugh Hefner's death. I mean, sure he declared himself a feminist while making his fortune off "sex positivity," women's bodies, and centering men, but I figured, he's still a person that people loved and I don't need to dogpile less than 24 hours after his death. But this story about him buying the crypt next to Marilyn Monroe is beyond vile.

Hefner was the ultimate false-ally fuckboy. His legacy lives on in every "progressive" faux-feminist bro who spouts left-wing ideology because it gets him laid but actually doesn't put much thought or work into the actual causes and is generally an unreliable ally with dogshit opinions beneath the superficial activism. It lives on all the professional photographers whose work consists entirely of photos of naked or mostly naked women (and EXCLUSIVELY women), devoid of any artistic worth, completely exploitative in nature.

I am pretty fucking far from a sexual prude. I'm pro-sex, pro-porn, and an ardent supporter of sex workers. The sexual liberation movement of the '60s was led by trans people, queer people, and feminist women. Hugh Hefner exploited & objectified women, made money off their bodies, apologized for and helped rapists and then called himself a feminist. He pushed the "ideal" woman as white and helped propagate the image of women of color as being undesirable, yet called himself not racist. He made millions off of glorification of heteronormativity and pushed a sex-based culture then called himself an ally.

The Marilyn Monroe burial story is NOT ROMANTIC. It's gross as hell. To insert yourself where you don't belong because you assume you have innate power & control over women—this is the culture that Hefner represents. A culture that demeans & exploits women, often without consent. He dated women two generations younger than him and sold a shitload of cheap hypersexualized merchandise to young girls. Let that be this creep's fucking legacy: the Playboy logo stretched across the ass of a pre-teen, and a pathetic leering older man who thinks he's more distinguished than he is and that he can fuck her.

So in other words, our president.