Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Pipe Dreams?

Here we go with my first blog ever. Let's see what I can do...

The issue at hand is immortality. I have been looking into this recently because I'm a megalomaniac/elitist. Anyway, immortality, long believed to be something of dreams and something sought after by ignorant fools, a la Ponce de Leon, will be a reality. On the condition that everyone gets past the taboo of stem cell research and their fear of the movie iRobot, we'll be good to go. First of all, cryogenics is stupid and is not immortality, it's just being frozen to death since your brain basically dies when it freezes so fuck cryogenics. Genetic engineering is the true first step. Consider plasmids for a moment. If you don't know what they are look them up on wikipedia. Basically, scientists could, in theory, isolate a gene for regenerating body parts as found in the newt, inject it into a plasmid, let the plasmid replicate the gene and then the scientist can go remove and purify this gene and inject into humans via a virus (most efficient method) thus potentially allowing humans to regenerate limbs and whatnot. This is one of many examples of the potential of genetic engineering and everyone reading this should read up on it.

The next step is molecular nanotechnology. Basically really small robots that could be injected into the bloddstream that have been pre-programmed to seek out and destroy diseased cells such as cancer cells and the aids virus. Think radiation therapy without the side effects. Again this is one of many uses for nanotechnology.

It has even determined that the only things which lead to the deaths of humans are aging, disease, and trauma. Genetic engineering solves for aging with it rejuvination processes. Nanotechnology solves for disease as previously mentioned and also solves for tramua in the form of nanobots that can run to the problem area (ie gunshot in the head) and administer first aid while the paramedics rush to the scene, thus effectively saving the lives of everyone. Immortality is a reality.

The problem is all the fuck head people who oppose stem cell research. Stem cells are the logical first step toward full blown genetic engineering and rejuvination. Why is this research so taboo? Apparently it's "unethical." Just because a human embyo has to be the source of the cells? That's ludicrous when you consider a "human embryo" is just a slightly more developed blastula (a compressed ball of cells). Damn you for wanting to kill some cells and save millions of lives in exchange! Seriously people are fucking ignorant on the subject, yet they want their opinion to matter so much. Maybe if it wasn't for that fallacy called religion it wouldn't be such a problem. Sure this is generalizing the general population of criticism, but when was the last time an atheist denounced any kind of science? Feel free to educate me on this topic if you can...

The next objection is even more ludicrous and is based upon the fear that robots will overrun the human race. Critics think there will be self replicating nanobots created that can overrun the earth. Yeah, I'll be sure to look out for those 2-3 micrometer robots overrunning our planet. Shit. I have lost my faith in a portion of humanity. Stupidity on this scale, the iRobot scenario for world destruction, rivals that only of perhaps H & R Block. This TAX company fucked up when reporting its own TAXES. They understated their state income taxability by roughly $32 million. Wow.

In case you just skimmed this blog or skipped right here to the end because it looked too long then fuck you, read what I have to say. Anyway the general idea here is I'm campaigning for the extension of human life because I believe in the importance of the individual. No one deserves to die and I'm tired of all the death in our world. Sure there are some fucked up people out there, but death is never just.

How was my first blog? Was it what you expected from me? I know it's kind of a science report, but get used to it; that's what I'm all about. If you actually read this whole blog, comment it with your thoughts/reflections/criticisms. Cheers.

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